Coaches - Don't Make This BIG Mistake when it comes to Growing Your Business?

If you’re leaning on social media alone to grow your business, you’re missing a trick.

Today, we’re talking about why and how to build an email list, and why it’s a game-changer for your business.

I’m Bev, a business coach and strategist, and while my main focus is helping coaches and educators step into the corporate world, these tips are gold for any business, whether you’re selling products or services. 

Here’s the deal: social media is fine for a quick chat, but if you want to have a real conversation where people listen, you need an email list. You might have a bunch of followers on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram, and think that’s enough. But an email list is where you get to talk directly to someone without the distractions. 

Some folks might tell you email is dead. Not true. If your emails are interesting, people will read them. It’s not about just pushing your products. It’s about connecting, building trust, and being relatable. Let’s face it, at the end of the day, it’s all about talking to people, not just ‘businesses’ or ‘corporates.’ 

An email list helps you form stronger, more stable relationships. It’s personal. Someone has to actually open your email and decide to read it, unlike scrolling past a social media post. Plus, with emails, you can be super specific about what you share, more so than on social media. 

Metrics are another plus—you can see who’s opening and clicking on your emails. And you know what else? When social media goes down (like those recent Facebook and Instagram outages), if you’ve got an email list, you’re still in business. 

Let's talk numbers for a second.

Stats from HubSpot say email marketing is 40% better at converting sales than social media. The click-through rate for email is 2.9%, while it’s just 1.7% for social media. And the potential ROI for email? A whopping 3,600% compared to 180% for social media. Big difference, right? 

So why wouldn’t you start an email list? It's like holding on to a direct line to your potential clients that nobody can snatch away. 

Getting started is simple: pick an email platform (MailerLite, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, ConvertKit—there are tons out there), and find a way to get people to sign up, like offering a lead magnet. This could be an ebook, a webinar, or a simple checklist—anything your potential clients would find useful enough to give you their email for. 

Then, keep the conversation going. Don’t just send them one thing and disappear. Be regular with your emails, add value, and keep it interesting and relevant. It’s like any good relationship—show up, be consistent, and be genuine. 

If you're wondering about how long your emails should be, just keep your reader in mind. Are they super busy? Keep it short. Want to share a story? Go for it. Just be yourself, and make sure your emails feel like they're coming from a real person, not a faceless brand. 

Last thing: personalise. Most email tools let you address each person by their first name, which makes a big difference. It’s like you’re chatting one-on-one. 

That’s pretty much it. Email lists are solid gold for your business, letting you build real connections and show your value. And when someone's ready to buy, they’ll think of you because you’ve been the one showing up in their inbox, not just in their fleeting social media feed. 

Even if you’re speaking to a corporate audience, remember that the person opening the email is a real, live, human – so be real and speak to the individual.

Drop a comment if you're thinking about starting your email list or if there's something holding you back. And if you’re curious about how to get started in the corporate market, grab my free ‘Getting Started with Corporates’ checklist.

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